In order for us to serve our customers best, there are a few things we need, and you need to know.

1) When you call or email, please give us as much information about your project as you can.

Where you are located?

Where is your sign located? On the building, On a Pole, On the Roof *?

Is the sign elevated? If so, roughly how high off the ground is it?

Is it a lit sign? If so, to the best of your knowledge is it Bulbs, Neon, LED or other?

Are there any obstructions around the sign? Awnings, Overhangs, Trees or Bushes

Are there any Electrical Masts or Wires nearby?

Is there hard surface to drive on to reach your sign?

Is the property governed by covenants or associations that need to be contacted**?

2) When your job is ready to be completed, please alert any neighboring businesses that work is being done, and that they may be asked to move vehicles or equipment for that time.

3) OSHA requires that we tape off the work area when work is being done. Please be aware that this barrier is not to be breached by anyone other that Artistic Avenues crew. We are subject to fines and possible license suspensions.

4) You may be required to hire a certified electrician in conjunction with a sign installer. Omaha code prohibits even a Master Sign Installer to do electrical work inside your building. We can help find one if needed, but if you have a preferred licensed electrician, please let us know.

5) Above all else, we want to make this experience as safe and trouble free as possible.

* Signs that extend above the highest point of a roof are no longer allowed in Omaha. Please be aware that if you have a sign like this, it is illegal to service or replace it. If it is not functioning correctly, you may leave it alone, or have it removed.

** Areas such as the Old Market, Dundee and Benson have strict requirements about sign size and placement. Please make sure your signage complies if you are in one of these areas.

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